How to create a website.

Getting started with the SnapPages Website Builder.

Ready to get started building a website, but you aren't' sure where to start? Don't worry, the process is simple and it only takes a few steps to setup your first website with SnapPages. Just follow these steps below and you'll be on your way!

Step 1: Select a Website Template

The first thing you'll need to do is to select a website template. This will determine the overall look and feel of your website. Keep in mind that the website template is simply the starting point. All of the SnapPages website templates are highly customizable so you can make your website one-of-a-kind!
Select a website template

Step 2: Setup Your Account

After you select a website template, you'll need to register for a SnapPages account. We'll also ask you a few questions during this process so that we can better tailor the experience with your skill level and overall goals.
How to create a website

Step 3: Add Your Content

The drag and drop website builder makes it easy to begin editing your content right away. Simply click on any of the page elements or "blocks" to begin customizing it. You can easily add text, images, buttons, videos, and much more.

Step 4: Publish Your Changes

After you've added your content, simply press the "publish" button to make it go live!  

That's it! What are you waiting for?