The simplest way to create a website.

That was the goal when we launched SnapPages back in 2008, and it remains the goal today! Since then we have helped thousands of people do just that. With our drag-and-drop website builder, you don't have to worry about creating a website that's going to look like a cookie-cutter website template. It's a DIY solution that produces professional results!

Our Design Philosophy:

Make it useful. Make it simple. Make it awesome.

Make it useful.

Sure this one sounds like a given, but believe it or not, it's possible to make something simple and maybe even awesome but completely useless. We try our best not to do this.

Make it helpful.

We don't want to just create a checklist of features if it means making things overly complicated. Some people enjoy complicated things, and if that's you, will probably hate us.

Make it awesome.

It's the attention to detail, the extra coat of polish, and the cherry on top. It's what causes people to love something, rather than just like it. We hope you love what we do as much as we love doing it.