SnapPages Is Joining The Subsplash Family

When I set out to build SnapPages back in 2006, it all started because I saw firsthand what a huge challenge it was for the average small business or church to build and maintain a website. I found that so much time and money were poured into hiring outside help, and the end result was often a website that was either too expensive to update regularly or couldn’t be updated at all.

I have always had a passion for taking complicated things and making them simple, and so I set out to create one of the first drag-and-drop website builders on the market, following three guiding principles:

  1. Make it useful.
  2. Make it simple.
  3. Make it awesome.

With these guiding principles SnapPages officially launched in 2008. Ten years later, while a lot has changed in the world of websites, the mission of SnapPages has remained the same!

We launched SnapPages 3 over a year ago by taking all the lessons learned over the last  decade and reimagining what a website builder should look like in 2018. The result is the best-in-class website builder optimized for today’s mobile demands.

Now, over ten years later, I am thrilled and extremely proud to announce that SnapPages is taking a huge leap forward and has recently been acquired by Subsplash!

By joining the Subsplash family, I truly believe we will be able to take everything that you know and love about SnapPages to new heights, as well as add innovative features that just weren’t possible before.

I know that this may bring a lot of questions, so we’ve compiled a brief FAQ below:

Will this affect my current website?

Nope! If you have a current website with us, everything you know and love about the service will remain the same. We will still continue to build out and add features to the product, and our partnership with Subsplash will enable us to do this in a way that is bigger and better than ever before.

Will my login change?

Nope! You will still log in to manage your website the same way you always have.

What is going to change?

Great question! You may have noticed some new faces on the support desk—that’s because we are already ramping up and improving our customer support. We have several new features already planned for for the end of the year, and you should be seeing those released shortly.

Why Subsplash?

Subsplash has been working hard over the last ten years to develop The Ultimate Engagement Platform™. They have an impressive structure in place for creating custom apps (Mobile and TV), Subsplash Giving for beautiful fast online donation processing, the best-in-class media delivery, and much more!

For Subsplash, adding website creation to the platform is the perfect fit. For SnapPages, it means the opportunity to provide our users with even more ways to engage with their audience.  

More importantly our combined  core values of excellence, innovation, and humility as well as  the overall vision and purpose is fully-aligned. It was our shared belief that bringing SnapPages and Subsplash together would create  something uniquely better than what it could be alone, and we are excited about the future of our combined platform!

How can I learn more about the Subsplash platform?

Great question! To learn more about Subsplash feel free to email them at or give them a call (206) 965-8090. You can also head to their website to learn more about The Ultimate Engagement Platform™ and how they can help drive more meaningful engagement for your organization.

I want to truly thank everyone of our users and everyone who has been involved with making SnapPages what it is today! Together with Subsplash, I know we can make it even better!

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Jim - June 16th, 2020 at 7:49am


It is my understanding that the latest release of SnapPages does not work well with Safari. The solution is to download Chrome or Firefox. As a Mac user, I find this unacceptable. Please confirm that there are no plans to fix the latest release and restore Safari functionality.

Carl S. Ferguson - April 12th, 2021 at 2:11am

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AstroIndusoot - July 8th, 2021 at 6:02am

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