What's New: Gradients, Shadows, and 3D

We're constantly working behind the scenes to try and improve SnapPages and make it as easy as possible to create a website that looks awesome. On that note, we've got some exciting new features to show off that you're going to love!

Gradient Backgrounds

We try to keep up with the latest design trends (because we're really cool) and gradients are hot right now. As a result, we've added a feature that allows you to add custom gradient backgrounds to any page section on your website. If you don't know what a gradient is, it's simply when one color slowly transitions into another color.

Image Shadows

Another feature is the ability to add shadows to your images that help them stand out. To add shadow effects for an image, just click on any image while in the page editor and then select the new "Shadow" option from the menu. There are multiple effects to choose from ranging from subtle to dramatic.

3D Rotations (Advanced)

This last feature is only available for websites on the 'Advanced' plan. It allows you to rotate any block on your website in 3D. Just remember... as a wise person once said, "with great power come great comes great responsibility". If this feature is used correctly, it can add some subtle extra depth to your website elements. On the flip-side, if this feature is overused, it could get messy real fast! You've been warned.
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