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Giving Passion a Voice

This past February ushered in the arrival of SnapPages 3 — a fresh drag-and-drop website builder that empowers any business or individual to create a website that is professional-grade, at a fraction of the cost. Our passion is creating the best website builder available, so we find great joy in seeing people using our passion to broadcast their passions!

Hannah's Story: Capturing Memorable Moments

We recently had a chance to catch up with one such small business owner, Hannah! This professional photographer recently started using SnapPages to build and amplify her newly forming business. You can see the highlights of our Q&A below!

SnapPages (SP): Hannah! Tell us a little bit more about yourself and about your business.

Hannah (H): My name is Hannah, and I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Austin, Texas. I recently started a photography business called Rooted Trumpet Photography so that I can spend my life doing something that I truly love while helping others capture moments with the people they truly love and want to remember.
I photograph a little bit of everything, but what I enjoy most is taking portraits of couples in love. My goal for the future is to photograph more couples and weddings. I also love taking trips to new places and documenting experiences through the photos I take.

SP: Cool company name. What's the meaning behind it?

H: I wanted my business name to stand for something important, and the name Rooted Trumpet is rooted (pun intended) in Scriptures from the Bible. Being a Christian, the Rooted Trumpet name and logo symbolize how I try to live my life — grounded in truth and love and proclaiming both to the world.

SP: Give us the mission of your company in 10 words or less.

H: Encapsulate meaningful moments into photographs.

SP: Nice! So what drove you to photography?

H: I’ve had a passion for photography since I was really young. My dad gave me a couple of his old cameras growing up, and I would spend hours photographing flowers and sunsets and everything in between. Looking back on chapters of life – important memories you can’t relive again but can enjoy and remember through a photograph – that’s what drove me to photography and why I enjoy it. So much value, history, and feeling can be captured in a single photograph.
"That's what drove me to photography and why I enjoy it. So much value,
history, and feeling can be captured in a single photograph."

SP: Tell us about your experience using SnapPages.

H: I have built three different websites now for three separate companies, but my experience with SnapPages has been my favorite. SnapPages is easy to use with its drag-and-drop features and can be 100% customized to help my brand look exactly the way I envision it.
SnapPages can help small businesses create websites that are completely customizable to their unique brands. Just like the value a single photo can convey to someone, a website is basically a snapshot of your business to your clients. Having a professional website can help small businesses grow by showing their unique value to clients. Building a website from scratch can seem daunting, but SnapPages makes it easy!
"I have built three different websites now for three separate companies,
but my experience with SnapPages has been my favorite."

SP: Do you have any advice for other aspiring photographers (without giving away your secrets, of course)?

H: I read a blog recently by one of my photographer friends about her first year as a full-time photographer. She mentioned learning how to “grow slow and grow well.” We are all tempted to compare ourselves to others, but for now, I am happy “growing slow and growing well” instead of growing fast and making sloppy mistakes.
My advice to other aspiring photographers is to be proud of who you are and what you create. Comparing yourself and your work to other photographers will limit your creative capabilities. Enjoy the place you are in right now instead of wishing to be ahead in the future.

SP: How can people connect with you?

H: Through my website or through email. I would also love to connect with others on Instagram and Facebook!

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